Electrical Safety for Landlords

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 requires electrical installations within a domestic property to be both safe when the tenancy begins and maintained throughout the tenancy.

Legally holding responsibility for the electrical installation within the dwelling, the Landlord must ensure the lindale-thermal-inspectionelectrical installations are in full working order. It is suggested Landlords have a full electrical inspection and test at each change of occupancy, or as a minimum every five years.

The Electrical Safety Council Landlords’ Guide to Electrical Safety in Scotland claims; “The three major dangers to persons from electrical accidents in the home are from electric shock, fire and burns. The causes of such incidents are varied but include: deterioration of the electrical installation broken accessories and equipment misuse of the installation and equipment occasional vandalism, and inconsistent or inappropriate maintenance programmes”.

The Housing Scotland Act 2006 takes this requirement one step further. With recent changes to the legislation, sections 13(4A) and 19B(4) had made the periodic test and inspection to tenanted properties mandatory. Under these requirements and fixed wire electrical installation condition report must be carried out at least every five years. The report is also to include portable appliance testing report for all appliances not owned by the tenant.

These regulations have been in place from 1st December 2015 for new tenancies and 1st December 2016 for all existing tenancies.

As a certified NICEIC and ECA contractor, Lindale Building Services offer both fixed wire test, inspection and reporting and PAT testing services on a national basis.

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