Thermal imaging – Supporting the prevention of fire hazards within the workplace

Lindale Building Services go above and beyond the requirements of the standard electrical test and inspection service.

thermal-imagingUtilising a Fluke Thermal Imager Ti105, any abnormalities within the system which cannot be seen with the naked eye can be identified.

A thermal imaging camera is used to scan the electrical distribution boards, switch gear and other key components to detect signs of heat. Abnormal heat in an electrical system may indicate loose connections, high resistances, overloads or phase imbalances.

Potential problems can often be found due to excess heat being released by the component, even those which would normally produce high temperatures when performing at their optimal level.

If unnoticed these problems can lead to failure and can result in expensive production loss or downtime and, in severe cases, can lead to fire.


Survey Details

Thermal imaging is completed as part of our periodic testing. If any abnormalities are found by our infra-red technology, remedial works can be prioritised prior to becoming serious hazards. Thermal image surveys can be carried out during normal working hours, with no interruption or disruption to your organisation, however we are happy to carry out the survey out of hours and work around your schedule.


On completion of the thermal imaging test we will provide you with a comprehensive report using Fluke SmartView Software, featuring  thermal images and all temperatures of all areas surveyed.

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