Tunable office lighting and the circadian rhythm


The “body clock” or circadian rhythm cycle is affected by a number of external elements including light, temperature and environment. It regulates many psychological processes including eating and sleeping.

A white paper produced by Luc Schlangen, principal scientist at Philips explains:

  1. Production of melatonin, the hormone that helps to induce sleepiness and that regulates our sleep/wake cycle, is directly impacted by light. Not only natural light but also artificial light.
  2. Morning light is very powerful in adjusting our body clock and artificial light that mimics bright daylight is highly effective at regulating and synchronising our sleep/wake cycle.
  3. Light is key to overcoming both jet lag and “social jet lag” (the “Monday morning blues” feeling).
  4. Light influences our mood and reinforces a good sleep/wake cycle, thus contributing to our overall health and well-being

Within the market today, “tuneable white” office lighting is offered by many lighting manufacturers. For example, there is an option of setting the colour temperature throughout the day to stimulate natural daylight, moving from a warm white light in early hours of the day, to a cooler blue light through midday, onto a neutral and warm white late afternoon. It is clear the methodology of tuneable lighting supports individual’s productivity and the circadian rhythm at key times throughout the day.

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Posted by: Lindale on December 13, 2016 @ 2:57 pm
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