Energy Conservation

green-bulb-1440675_1280-2Energy conservation is of paramount importance throughout all of our services

Delivery of energy conservation is provided by:

  • Creating the best possible working environments with the most suitable energy efficient lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security systems
  • Determining the electrical energy needs of your project and provide a robust low voltage (LV) distribution infrastructure that caters for your current and future business needs
  • Voltage optimisation
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Power factor correction
  • Low loss transformers
  • Electric heating – quantum
  • Efficient lighting and controls
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Efficient boilers
  • Variable speed drives
  • Biomass boilers
  • CHP – Combined Heat and Power
  • Metering of fuel usage
  • Pipe lagging
  • Electric vehicle charging solutions
  • Energy Efficiency Reports – By monitoring your energy pattern, we will identify if energy is being wasted, this will enable you to take action to reduce your carbon levels and potentially save money on your energy bills.
  • Thermal Imaging Surveys – Identify where heat is being lost from your building and reduce your energy waste.